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BeyondTheCell helps government and non-government organizations transform the lives of returning citizens by matching academic and skills training with career pathways. It's a powerful online platform that delivers a comprehensive set of tools to help individuals identify career opportunities, prepare for, and apply to jobs.

The BeyondTheCell online learning library features reading, writing, math, and science curriculum, plus high school and college admissions exam preperation. Career resources include resume and cover letter builder, career explorer, skills assessments, and job search tools. Job matching technology matches individual skill sets and objectives with career opportunities.


Returning citizens face countless hardships upon release. What may seem like minor bumps to many can be magnified into mountains for returning citizens. From finding housing to jobs and services, these challenges can be frustrating and failures can result in unintended, yet severe, consequences. empowers returning citizens to transform their lives by putting the tools and resources they need to navigate their transition from the criminal justice system to contributing members of society at their fingertips. Users of the website are able to search millions of jobs from across the country, locate training opportunities, and locate resources within their own communities to assist with their transition.

Ready to Hire A Returning Citizen?

Given a chance, returning citizens can be hard working and loyal employees. Most are eager to work and learn new skills. An opportunity can transform their lives forever.

Committed to Reducing RecidivismOur Mission & Values

At The MBJ Group our commitment to helping transform the lives of returning citizens extends beyond our website and services. As a Public Benefit Corporation ("PBC") our mission has become part of our legal foundation. As a PBC our success is not measured by our profits but how well we achieve our goals and the impact we make.

We have elected to make our commitment, goals, and how we measure results transparent. Each year we will release a public benefit statement measuring our results.


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Commitment to Public Benefit Transparency

Each year we are committed to delivering a benefit statement measuring our performance in relation to our stated public benefits

Our first public benefit statement will be released January 2018

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