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Why Hire Returning Citizens

Why Hire Returning Citizens?

  • Qualify for federal, state, and/or city tax credits & incentives.
  • Eligble for free federal bonding to protect against employee dishonesty.
  • Returning citizens are skilled, dedicated workers resulting in lower turnover rates.
  • Ensure a diverse and inclusive workforce.
  • Second chances are the right thing to do & have a positive effect your community.

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Implement evidence-based re-entry solutions within your communities. Easily deliver services to returning citizens anytime and anywhere. Monitor service delivery, measure results, and adjust individual or group services in real-time.

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For Returning Citizens

Helping returning citizens identify and locate jobs, housing, training, and other resources and services is an essential part of ensuring their successful transition back into society. provides returning citizens with an online platform to easily and quickly locate the jobs, resources, and services they need.

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