Evidence-Based Re-Entry

Re-Entry-as-a-Service (RaaS)

Reducing recidivism rates in communities is an important fight, but with limited budgets and increasing costs it's becoming a difficult battle to win. Built on the National Instituate of Corrections eight (8) evidence-based principles, BeyondTheCell.com offers government and non-governmental organizations an online platform to deliver re-entry services to returning citizens within their communities.

Risk Assessments

Utilizing industry-standard, evidence-based risk assessments, the Beyond The Cell platform evaluates each returning citizen to determine risk and appropriate levels of treatment. Then using proprietary machine-learning tools a custom re-entry plan is developed for the individual.

Targeted, Responsive Treatments

Using the initial risk assessment and feedback by case managers an initial treatment plan is developed using proprietary machine-learning algorithms. Based on their specific needs participants are guided through their treatment plan. High risk participants receive more structured plans compared to lower risk participants. Services are recommended based on needs and risk level.


From OSHA-compliant workplace certifications to computer applications and office soft-skills training curriculum, participants have access to over 2000 courses. Organizations and employers can easily mix-and-match training courses to build their own custom curriculum. Participants can work at their own pace or on a schedule.

Community Engagement

Participants are reminded they are not alone in their re-entry. Family, friends, and the community all play a role in successful re-entry. As part of a participant's treatment plan specific community-based services may be recommended and attendance required.


Employment has been shown to significantly reduce recidivism rates among returning citizens in communities across the globe. Strong relationships with employers combined with powerful search tools can provide participants access to a broad array of jobs within their community.


Through gamification Beyond The Cell rewards participants and encourages the cultivation of intrinsic motivations to succeed. Built upon a points system, participants earn rewards by completing tasks such as completing their profile, building their resume, attending job fairs or other events, or obtaining employment. This positive reinforcement allows them to earn points that may be redeemed towards various rewards.


As an individual progresses through their treatment periodic assessments are conducted to ensure the right level of treatment is being applied and the individual is progressing through the program successfully.

Organizations are not only able to view performance data for individuals, but overall performance of their program at any time.

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