Smart Hiring Processes

Implementing Smart Hiring Processes for Returning Citizens

Learn how to make the decision to hire job seekers with criminal records easy and straightforward for your business.

Ensure Privacy

You should never share details about an individual's past regardless of their status within your company. While we encourage job seekers to be fully honest throughout the hiring process, it is ultimately their decision to share their past with fellow employees should they be hired.

Clear Company Policies

You should make clear to all employees your intent to hire returning citizens. You should clearify your policy regarding the types of convictions you will consider. Current employees should have an open channel of communication to address any concerns.

Legal Compliance

If you plan to conduct background checks it is imperative that the individuals conducting the checks and making decisions based off those checks fully understand any federal, state, and local laws regarding adverse actions. If your business is located in a state, county, or city with a ban the box or fair chance hiring law you need to ensure your hiring process follows the law in regards to job application questions about criminal convictions and when or if you can conduct background checks.

Assess Risk

When considering individuals with criminal backgrounds it is important to assess the level of risk the job seekers poses to your business when making hiring decisions. The severity of the offense, the time since the offense, and nature of the offense should all be considered when making hiring decisions.

Address Concerns Immediately

Address concerns by current employees immediately. If an employee complains about a co-worker with a criminal record you need to first determine if something actually occurred or if they are making their complaint solely based off their knowledge of the individual's past.

Approach Adverse Actions Cautiously

Prior to taking an adverse action against a candidate it is best to ask them the context around the offense, what they have done since that time, and any other evidence of rehabilitation.

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